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Photo by Kaitlyn Casso Creations 2022




I think I was about 8 years old when I knew that I wanted to be a baker but it always felt like one of those dreams that was too big to be mine. Instead of pursuing a culinary or pastry degree after high school, I chose the next logical choice and became an Environmental Engineer. You could say that I juggle the best of both worlds balancing my technical engineering work by day and creative cake design energy by night... is it just me or is there a super hero movie concept here?


My real baking journey started in 2019 when I randomly declared that I wanted to bake a cake after many years out of the metaphorical kitchen (I do still cook to keep myself alive and all). By my birthday that September, my now fiancé had gifted me a set of cake pans and I repaid the favor by baking his birthday cake the following March. After that one delicious carrot cake, I was hooked. I baked for my family Easter dinner, followed by the May and June birthdays, 4th of July, you name it. I was looking for any excuse to make a cake or cupcakes just for practice!


By this point in time, my entire family had collectively gone up at least several pant sizes and encouraged me to start reaching out to a bigger audience. My sweet adventures have led me to become a small part of so many different celebratory events over the last few years and for that I will always be grateful. 


When I'm not baking up a storm you can usually find me weightlifting in the gym or working on obedience training with my sassy Golden Retriever mutt, Harley.


My favorite people are those who do not take themselves too seriously because I certainly always seek to find the fun things in life. I value approachability above all else as I find it allows me the opportunity to experience the most genuine self expression from my friends and clients. So, if all of this sounds like something you can get down with, I absolutely cannot wait to hear from you!


Photo by Kaitlyn Casso Creations 2022

Nice to meet ya!

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